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Super is Natural

The Greater World One-Day Spiritual Self-Awareness Course - new date TBC

Not many people would refer to Jesus as an ordinary man. After all, most of us know him as someone who carried out the most extraordinary acts.

We can read about how he turned water into wine, walked on water, created huge amounts of food from just a few loaves and fishes and healed those afflicted with dreadful diseases – even bringing the dead back to life again.

Surely that is not the work of an ordinary man?

Well, one person who did refer to Jesus as being just like any other man was Jesus himself. When asked who he was he rarely referred to himself as a 'Son of God' – in fact that title was often attributed to him by others.

The truth is, he often did the exact opposite. He almost always preferred to call himself 'Son of Man'. In effect, he was spelling out the fact that he was like the rest of us.

So, does that mean we can do all the things that he did?

Again, according to Jesus not only are we capable of replicating everything he did but we are capable of 'much greater'.

That really is quite some claim and, no doubt, a huge surprise to many people.

Jesus isn't the only character in the Bible – or outside of the Bible – who has performed super-human acts.

Aaron's rod transformed into a snake, Hezekiah saw the moon turn backwards, Joshua broke down walls with the sound of trumpets, Daniel entered a fiery furnace unscathed and more.

It is difficult for most people to believe these 'miracles' took place – never mind the fact that each one of us is capable of achieving the same.

For those who are religious and live by faith alone, it is much easier to simply believe that an external God directed and controlled each event.

The problem with this thinking is that we rarely see 'miracles' like the ones just mentioned today. So, does that mean God has been napping?

No, not at all.

We are the ones who have been napping. The same potential resides within each one of us but the knowledge of how to unlock this transformative Divine power has been lost, distorted or forgotten by almost everyone.

The aim of this One-Day Spiritual Self Awareness Course is to reintroduce the original teachings of Jesus and to help release the extraordinary gifts within you.

Topics include:


- The relationship between your body, spirit and soul

- The purpose of the earth life

- What happens to you in the after life

- Understanding the challenges of spiritual development

- The power of the mind and prayer

- Identifying the seven stages of soul growth

- How to release Divine Power

- Communicating with those in the higher life.

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