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The Greater World

In 1921, a Heavenly Messenger made himself known through the mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes. It was soon realised that he was able to give a teaching of great spiritual wisdom and was inspired by the Love of the Christ.


The earthly name of this Messenger was not disclosed, but he described himself as a "humble servant of the Christ". He chose to use the name 'Zodiac' in order to lift our thoughts from the earth to the heavens.


His Christ-inspired teachings were delivered through Winifred Moyes in a trance state to ensure that her physical mind did not impede the purity of the messages.

Winifred Moyes

The history of
The Greater World  and why it was was established.

Over a period of thirty years, hundreds of thousands of people heard his addresses in halls, theatres and cinemas around the UK, Europe and the US.


The Christ Mission


He named his work ‘The Christ Mission’ and it is upon this that The Greater World is founded.


He tells us that he was the unnamed scribe, mentioned in St Mark's Gospel Chapter 12, verse 28, who asked Jesus "Which is the first Commandment of all?"


The answer is the essence of religion: Love God with all thy being and thy neighbour as thyself.

The Greater World

It was soon after meeting Jesus, that Zodiac decided to join the disciples. He witnessed with them the Crucifixion and was also one of those who saw the Risen Christ.


He was one of the first Christian Missionaries - going into different parts of the country, travelling long distances on foot in order to spread Christ's Gospel.


Over the years, many have come to recognise his teachings as emanating from a true messenger of the Christ and their light of truth continues to inspire souls wishing to develop a closer, deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.


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