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Spiritual Healing


This is a simple, gentle and peaceful process...

You may feel a sensation of heat or cold emanating from the hands of the healer...

Many hospitals, hospices and nursing homes have Spiritual Healers working in them...

Prayer is a mighty power in the healing process....

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit on earth for the benefit of all life. This wonderful healing power is passed to you through the hands of healers. It is the same healing power used by Jesus the Christ in His ministry upon the earth. So too is it the power of the universe, an energy that has transformed mankind in times of trouble since the begining of time.


How do Spiritual Healers work?


The Spiritual Healer has trained for at least two years in order to become a Registered Member of a Spiritual Organisation, e.g. The Greater World Spiritual Healing Fellowship. They have been trained to link with the healing power of the Holy Spirit and then to be able to pass that healing power to you.


This is a simple, gentle and peaceful process. The healer may first stand behind you and lightly place their hands upon your shoulders. Or they may stand in front and hold your hands for a moment. Whichever way they choose, they will stand quietly and attune themeslves to the healing power and to you.


They will place their hands upon, or a short distance from your head, then upon those parts of the body that are causing you trouble and other parts of the body, as they are so inspired. They have been trained not to cause you any embarassment, so will be very sensitive to your propriety. Do tell the healer if you do not wish to be touched at all and they will adapt their technique accordingly.


What do I do and will I feel anything?


You will be encouraged to relax as much as possible before the healing takes place. When you are seated on the healing stool, the healer may take you through a slow breathing exercise or visualisation in order to make you more comfortable and more at ease.


Breathe as deeply as is comfortable for you, try not to be anxious. Having a positive attitude will help the healing process and be open minded about the procedure. You may feel a sensation of heat or cold emanating from the hands of the healer as well as a slight tingling or trembling sensation. You will experience a feeling of peace and calm enveloping you as the treatment progresses.


At the and of the session you will probably be relieved of tension, feel relaxed and more supple and your pain may be eased.


How long should I have healing?


Sometimes one treatment is sufficient. But treatment can often be progressive and the results gradual. Do not become discouraged if early results are not forthcoming. You may begin to realise that you are calmer, healthier and more confident. It is rare for anyone to attend a healer on a regular basis without benefiting from it.


Will healing cure me and should I tell my doctor?


Neither doctors nor healers can guarantee to cure illness. The Code of Conduct, to which all Registered Healers have to adhere, forbids the healer to claim that a cure can be affected. Spiritual Healing compliments the treatment provided by your doctor. It is not an alternative to the treatment.


Two further items of the Code of Conduct relate specifically to the relationship between you and your doctor.


1. A Spiritual Healer must always ask whether you have consulted a doctor about your medical condition and formally advise you to do so if you have not.


2. A Spiritual Healer is forbidden to countermand the advice or medical treatment prescribed by your doctor or advise upon it.


We would advise you to tell your doctor that you are receiving Spiritual Healing. A growing number of doctors refer their patients to Spiritual Healers or have them working in their practices. Many hospitals, hospices and nursing homes have Spiritual Healers working in them. The Patient's Charter will support you if you ask your doctor to refer you to a healer.


Can healing help the terminally ill?


Yes. Pain is often alleviated and for many a sense of peace and tranquility is experienced. The fear of death felt by some may also be dispelled.


Are records or personal details of patients kept?


The Code of Conduct and the conditions of the professional indemnity insurance demand that records are kept. A brief account of your condition is recorded and a report made at each subsequent visit concerning the progress. These records are regarded as strictly confidential and the information is accessible only to the healer and patient.


Can I receive healing at home?


It is possible to accomodate patients under certain circumstances in order for them to receive Spiritual Healing in their own homes. However, it is preferable to treat patients in the church/centre.


Do I pay for Spiritual Healing and, if so, how much?


Most Spiritual Healers do not make a charge. Others will accept a donation towards expenses, travel, premises, rental, heating, lighting, etc., and others actually charge a fee. It is sensible to raise this question with the Spiritual Healer prior to booking the healing session.


Can I stop having Spiritual Healing when I want to?


The decision is entirely yours. Spiritual Healers take a deep interest in their patients' welfare and well being. It would, therefore, be courteous to advise the healer if you decide to discontinue treatment, particularly if they operate a timed appointment system.


How can I be sure the Spiritual healer is registered and qualified?


Ask the Spiritual healer if they are a Registered Member of a Healing Association. Ask to see their Membership card. This proof will ensure that the Spiritual Healer has been fully trained, will work to the mandatory Code of Conduct and will carry a third party and professional indemnity insurance cover. This is your safeguard.


Is there anything I can do to help the healing process?


Prayer is a mighty power in the healing process. Not only is it advantageous for the Spiritual Healer to pray diligently, but the patient too will benefit from the smallest prayer to our Father, God, the Creator of all life. 


The Greater World Spiritual Centre

3-5 Conway Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6BJ. Tel: 020 7436 7555

The Greater World Sanctuary, Leeds

14 Clarendon Road, Leeds. LS2 9NN. Tel: 0113 245 6623

Healing Leader: Margaret Bellamy, GWMin, CGWM.

Tuesdays: 2:30pm & 7:15pm


Temple of Light, Chatham

221 New Road (Luton Arches), Chatham ME4 4QA. Tel: 0163 4819 268

Healing Leader: Rita Davidson.

Monday: 1pm – 4pm, Thursday: 7:30pm – 9pm

Healing is available at the following Greater World churches:

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