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Holy Ground

Meeting together in the Name of God, whilst often a very solemn occasion, marks one step further, one step nearer, to the real. In time to come you shall look back and realise that it stands out clear and beautiful against the background of a memory that soon shall be swept away. You are now getting on to Holy Ground, and so you will understand that there is still more preparation and watchfulness required in order to carry through the great task that God has honoured you with by laying upon it you. You, loving God to the best of your ability and in spite of conditions that seem sometimes to deny the very existence of Love itself, treasure these meetings; but you do not have the faintest idea of that which has been placed in your possession.

It is just the same as happens in ordinary, everyday, life. When the unprotected and inexperienced are given into their charge a thing of great worth the elder ones find it wiser to trust to their innocence rather than to explain the nature of the thing they have to guard. With children too much responsibility brings worry and attracts the enemy, and so it is better that the nature of the charge be hidden from them. That is what the Spirits have done with you. They have tried to teach you, to train you, and to win your love and trust. Now and again they have hinted at what the future held and something of which you were building up, but you did not take it in. It seemed so far away, so much in the nature of prophecy, so utterly beyond the boundaries of possibility or probability that you took it as a love token and left them there.

Still the treasure must be kept veiled, still you must go forward in faith but in ignorance; and still you must show your trust in God and keep on the unbeaten track! But even more still you must make ready for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, you must direct your thoughts ever above the world and not on the world, and clear your mind from the useless rubbish. When the Voice of God is to be heard you will be listening, you will be waiting and you will follow on, holding up in your hands the torch of Light which is the symbol of Faith. You will go forward without fear and with a heart full of joy that you have been chosen by the Master of All to do His work. Never falter, never ask yourself whether you are ready or suitable. It is not for you to decide; that is in the Hands of God. If He says to this one "Come" and to that one "I shall require you" it is not for them to hesitate; it is for them to answer: "Speak Lord, for Your servant hears" and then to do that which He directs to the best of their ability.

As you grow stronger, as you acquire the Grace of God, and as you are able to draw more from the Holy Spirit, so shall your gladness increase and so shall your doubts and misgivings fall back and be powerless to try you more.

The body was not given for sorrow; it was to demonstrate the Joy of the Lord, which even through the thickest troubles and trials shines like a beam of sunlight in and out the curves. Where Its Presence is, sorrow and grief is withered to the roots. This is God's promise and this is going to be shown! But it is necessary to have those of courage and determination to be the first examples, to demonstrate to the weaker ones that this glorious Truth is within the reach of all and only waits to be made their own.

The call has gone out for those to undertake this pioneer work; for the courageous to show the way to the others and for the strong to be strong not only over the things of the world but over the things of the Spirit which dominate the world.

So find and bring into your vibrations, into your daily life, others who are willing to endure; the Christ's chosen souls who will glory in the doing, who will take up the staff of Trust and the lamp of Faith and step forward out into the Great Unknown. There are at this moment many ready to lay themselves at the Feet of the Christ and say: "Lead on and I will follow. Where You are is light and security and protection. Lead on and let me follow!" This could only have been brought into being by the quiet work, the concentration, and the wish to do as the Father directs.

Together you have built something that will stand for all time. If the tests come, which for the time seem to cut into the beauty, by the power of God that which is weak shall be shown to be strong; because the wish was there and the will longed to rise above temptation.

In spite of failures, of the overwhelming power of sorrow, of the wayward thoughts and the rebellious wills, in spite of these things which the enemy has tried so hard to make destructive, the foundation is intact! From now on you are invested with power, given office as a servant of the Christ, and upon you is laid the garment of this new demonstration of the all-enveloping love of God.

Pray that you may indeed be worthy! Pray that in you the Father may find the bright tools that He needs to carry through His plans, and pray that the physical mind may cease to be your enemy but may add its measure of strength to the Spirit. Once that is done, harmony and joy will come into their own and the upward road instead of representing toil and labour and disappointment, will be found glorious indeed. It will be bright as only the things of God can be, beautiful as only the things of the Spirit can be beautiful, and safe only as the path which the Christ walked can be safe. Upward and onward for ever and ever; this must be your motto, as indeed it is their talisman in the Spirit World. Upward and onward into joy and unity with the Spirit!

God sends down that which is needed! You do not know what you are to those in Spirit, you cannot understand, and this too shall be added on the gain side hereafter because this ignorance has made the going harder. But had you been able to understand it would have been impossible to use you. Thus God's wisdom is shown on every side; it is shown in a way most marvellous to behold, if you could but see it. But everyone who has contributed to this work shall reap that which defies all description. You are blessed indeed, blessed by the Holy Spirit, surrounded by the love of God, companioned by the Christ Himself, who will never let you fall or fail because, unknowing, you tried to do His will, and in ignorance went forward with a willing heart, even though the mind wept at times over the process.

So be thankful, thankful that God has been able to find in you that for which He sought, and that after the testing and the trying, it still holds good and will for evermore.

In the language of the Spirit World sorrow and solemnity have nothing in common. It is that same sacredness that fills the heart and mind and soul with awe, and the aftermath of that awe is joy and gratitude. Let this then be shown in your life and do not forget that those who are chosen are holy in the sense that Holiness is going to use them. Therefore, see to it that on your side, so far as you are able, that which is pure and holy comes from you. It is enough to wish for this, to ask for it and to strive for it, for that great gift to be your own.

The work carries on so that in time to come even those with the least faith shall be bound to acknowledge that death is a myth, that life goes on unbroken, continuous, and separation is but a phantom of the evil. That is but one illustration of the mighty and enveloping Love of God, of His Presence in physical life, and of the bond there is between the Father and His children.

Presently, it may be necessary in order to further God's plans for those who are not very highly developed to commune with God. But only those who earnestly wish to find God can communicate with the Spirits. The instrument has been prepared to take certain conditions only, and before possession can be taken those who wish to come have to work and fight and struggle to bring themselves up to those conditions in order to get through.

Have no forebodings at all. Break fresh ground when the conditions are favourable, but no fresh ground will be broken except by a tool that is clean.

God said, "Comfort ye my people". This you can take as your watchword, for you are indeed going to carry that out. In your daily life get into the way of sending your thoughts over a wide radius, of gathering in, mentally, those sorrowful ones, and including them in your prayers.

This preparation of the ground will save a great deal of time later on because, sooner or later, the sorrowful ones will be sorrowful no more! Either in your world or the Spirit World they will take their part in the work now embarked upon. It is a most constructive thing to do; this sending out of sympathetic thoughts, of feelings of compassion and of the wish to help. It does not matter whether any outward or visible sign is shown to you. The most important things are generally the ones that are covered up. It is an invaluable way of extending your own capacity for understanding humanity.

Therefore, remember God's direction "Comfort ye my people" by your thoughts and by your wish to serve them. This is God's work indeed, and you are going to gather in many who otherwise would be out in the cold, lonely and forgotten, or so they think. But you are going to show them that God had them all the time under His Hand, and directed their course to its rightful end; the end when sight takes place of blindness! When the vision has been given to them the revelation and the meaning of it all is laid out for them to see. That moment in the life of everyone is the most wonderful of all, and to those who have fought and struggled, the most joyous as well.

This marks another step forward; it is indeed another milestone passed. As you travel on, the road opens out and beauty is waiting to be discovered on either side.



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