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Pre-Earthly Planning for the Work

There is a lot to do and no time to be wasted at all. Every minute of your sacred hours has been planned beforehand, has been worked out many long years ago. This will give you some idea of what the Spirits are about. They prepared the events of your life all that long time ago, anticipating the troubles and the strains, and even those small obscure details which are already passing from your mind.

It is no use thinking on big things unless you show infinite care and consideration to the little things. You will find more and more that when anything is carried through successfully the mind that conceived the whole also took under the closest scrutiny the details and the minute parts that contribute to that whole. In your world it is said that the person with the wholesale mind does not concern themself with details. This is accurate in a way. They do not work out these tiny details but delegate this duty to another, but theirs is the overseeing mind. The success of one who is too big to come down to details is of an illusive quality entirely. Those in the Spirit World could not work out individually every single aspect and opportunity presented by God’s work, but with God's help they could! No one in the Spirit World works on their own strength in any sense whatsoever; it is God first, second, third and last! But there are countless others waiting to do their part. They are calling upon the Christ "daily and hourly". The Christ is just as accessible to them as to you. Keep that point clear in your mind. There is no one who has a greater right than another to go to the Father and say "Help me". You are in His sight His child, without difference, without favour and without grade.

You in the physical world find it impossible to refrain from putting this person and that person into a certain category. The more spiritual the character, the more you take it for granted that the Christ will pay more heed to their prayers. You think that, and then on the other hand you exclaim at the sorrows and trials which trouble the road of those who are out to become as near like the Crucified as possible. It is necessary to show up these contradictions in your mind because it is solely the physical way of thinking. What applies to that applies in the main and to your attitude over everything.

The mind seems to be able, without any difficulty whatsoever, to run in double harness. It can think two opposing things about the same subject at the same time, with those two things being a direct contradiction to one another. It should be a warning to you. It should show you how easily deceived that mind can be; how easily blindfolded, tricked, and diverted!

In God's sight you are all equal. But that does not mean that every one draws the same power and strength from the All High. You must remember that those at the beginning of the hill do not realise all the help that lies on either side. They realise even less the great Strength in front, and what they do not ask for they do not receive. God's love and guidance and aid is around even His most wilful child, but unless your mind is in the attitude of wishing for a thing it cannot be made your own, except in a very small proportion. That which comes from God is unlimited, unrestricted and unbreakable. But only those who by pain and suffering have climbed a length of the hill to God have sufficient experience to call upon it and put it to practical use.

There are many, strangers to you, who are longing to participate in God’s work. It is God’s great joy to give joy to them, because it is all done for the one object and for the One Adored Christ. If only you could see the resources which lie at your disposal. If you could grasp it, sorrow would be unknown. If you could utilise the help of all those on the other side who stand ready and waiting to give it, you would be able to defy all your enemies and go on your way rejoicing! But you cannot grasp it; not yet. Soon this will be possible. At the moment when things go wrong the Christ seems very far away and the world, with its many discomforts and disappointments, terribly, terribly close. Get more into the way of thinking of the Christ over everything. If you merely think of those in Spirit, in reality you are thinking of the Christ as well, because the only thing that attracts you to the Spirits, that draws out your love, is solely the little bit of the Master which they are cherishing and hoping to develop in time to come.

Lots of things are done which you do not know anything about, but that does not mean that you are not going to share in the blessing that they will bring. You cannot do the smallest thing, even unconsciously, without a rich and splendid gift being made your own. Do not underestimate yourself or your thoughts in this direction. Be certain in your mind that God does not overlook the tiniest seed sown in the long furrow that He has prepared for you!

Recall to your mind that familiar verse; "The sower went forth sowing, the seed in secret slept, Through weeks of faith and patience, till out the green blade crept." There is one alteration to make to those lines. The "Weeks" of faith and patience should be instead "centuries". These centuries, which to you have a very dreary sound indeed, were not spent in sadness and disappointment and wasted effort. There is not one thought sent out that has not, or will not, bear its fruit. There is not one effort called into being by those on earth that shall not be found intact hereafter. Disappointments, sadness; these things don't exist when you really love the Christ and are working for Him. Sadness and disappointments relate to the things of the earth only. With the things of God it is joy and gain and triumph; what a contrast!

Once more you have got to turn your thoughts around. Thought is something like a globe. If it is turned away from the sun it is in the shade. But thought is a moveable thing. Take any thought that is not entirely trivial, that thought depends entirely upon you for the amount of light that is allowed to shine on it.

There is nothing that you can think about in a serious way that has not many phases, according to the mood that you are in. It is the same thought, but shaded, blemished, and distorted by the reflection of your own attitude of the mind at the moment.

Your views do not change with every passing mood; not your real opinions. But one day a thing looks possible and hopeful and yet the day before or after it is utterly beyond your horizon. The globe of the physical mind has swung round in the unfavourable breeze, and the light of God cannot shine upon it.

God understands how easy it is for Thought to move; to swing on its axle. That same instability of the physical mind is understood completely by your Saviour, and the only thing to prevent that instability is to anchor yourself to Him; nothing else can prevent it. You love to be under God's sunshine; you hate to be separated from Him in any sense whatsoever, and yet again and again the chill comes on the heart and God seems to have turned aside. Impossible, of course, but when a thing appears so it is almost as bad as if it were so, and that God understands too.

Remember this little simile in the days to come. When your thoughts start to be on the move, away from the brightness, think hard of God as an Anchor, and they will be still. The sunshine only is meant for you, and soon you shall find much more help in this direction. The going will not be so hard, and happiness, instead of being like flickering sunshine on a cold, winter day, will have strength and warmth in it, and will not forsake the path which you are following.

It is meant for all; all who wish to love God! It is the sunshine which never fades. To which there is no evening and so no night as well. Healing, protecting, illuminating; the sunshine that comes from the Tender Heart and understanding Mind of God Himself.

Be at peace, evil cannot strike you. You are free and not a slave in any sense whatsoever, for you are a child of God and an heir of Everlasting Life!


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