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Tests and Questions

If there is sorrow within the great love and understanding of God’s heart then is that not part of the love and understanding that He claims? How could God look upon His children with joy and satisfaction when He sees the blows that evil has aimed and they have received? It would indeed seem, as some have thought before, that God did not understand!

He has been asked many strange requests from His children. Unfortunately, to them it seems that He is unable to supply the majority of requests. Yet do not think that God ignores even the smallest one. Again and again you ask "How long"? The answer, being withheld, means trust, faith and hope lies shattered on the ground. Then you ask for that which is of all the hardest to refuse; you ask for freedom. You ask for that which the Spirits have themselves, and it seems that the prize of freedom from the body, which they value so much, is kept from you, apparently for no real reason at all. You must believe that God knows and understands this longing in your heart to be free from that which represents nothing but sorrow and suffering. How else can God send the Spirits to comfort you and give you fresh courage to go on. That is something you must ask yourself unceasingly, and pray to God unceasingly too for strength and ability!

It is impossible to answer the question ‘How long?’ until your work is done. The length of life in the physical body is not even in God's hands. Such time, as well as such experiences, were chosen solely by you. Those whose spirits were strong and courageous to fight for God not only chose sorrow and suffering but the continuation of the sorrow and suffering almost beyond their own endurance. That is how the matter stands. . Nothing that you can say or do can alter it. It was written long before physical birth that this should be your portion and that the years should be so. All that the Spirits can do is try and lighten the way by love and service and direction. If only you could trust them more, they would be able to help you more effectively. It is for this purpose that they came into your life. God sent them to help and support those who are finding the way too hard, because it should not be said that those who loved Him well enough to take on such burdens should find Him less generous in love in return. If only you could trust them more, they could do it much better.

If you could but see the road you are to follow; if you could but grasp what it means and what it is going to produce, never again would the mind even murmur against the Hand of Love, which so often seems that of hate itself. This is part of your burden; the not knowing, the not understanding, and it is not overlooked by He who said "Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest". It is indeed a gift, a promise from God Himself! But when trouble comes, His children turn from the Father, even as in physical life the unprotected child shrinks from the blows of the brute who should defend!

Think of the Saviour, think of all those in the Spirit World, and how they feel when the knife is turned in their hearts again and again because you shrink from them, even as from a viper that seeks to strike. God is your friend, and in time of need, most of all, you need friendship and loyalty and trust. Keep the enemy at bay, do not give them the great advantage. Each time you shrink from God, so it is the triumph of the evil; each time you turn to the Christ, then the evil is sent one pace further back! It is for your own sake that you must be more careful. You must run no risk and cling to the Christ even as a child would cling to its Mother; and in so doing be certain of protection from all that can injure and wound.

In speaking of evil, it is important to be on your guard, because the strength of the shadows cannot be over-emphasised. The evil is there, as you know, waiting to strike, planning and plotting in a way which is unthinkable to you, but not beyond the Mind of God to grasp or even beyond the powers of the Spirits to circumvent. With those who wish to find God, even though the brambles tear them and blind them to the way they have to go, the mere fact that in their hearts they wish to find God ensures that in every truth the Saviour is by their side. But beyond that it does not go. Here the evil has its advantage, because on that upward road they can put stumbling blocks and obstacles which exact a price which is paid in anguish and horror. This is the position in which you stand today. The Christ is by your side, but if you do not acknowledge it, then the power of the evil is enhanced a hundredfold! Give them this privilege and all the Spirits can do is preserve the soul from damage and, in time to come, heal up the wounds of heart and mind and body to a degree. But beyond that, during the physical stages, they cannot go. Here is where the sadness creeps in; here it is that you suffer so, and here it is that your loving companions are caught up in your distress as well, for what you bear they bear, and what they and you bear together, in every way there could be, the Christ has to bear alone!

Some upon earth have had a glimpse of the sorrows of the Crucified One! They have sensed it, as it were, in a fragmentary way, catching just the faintest indication of what the suffering and sins of humanity mean to God. This is a theme about which you can little understand because you could not take it in. But you must remember that God, having created the worlds and all that is in them, is not separated in any sense whatever from that which He brought into being.

Some claim with horror at the thought of creating a child because of the responsibility in regard to the suffering and the discipline of physical life. You have said over and over again that you could never forgive yourself if your child suffered as you have suffered. This you have said and meant, and so it should not be impossible for you to have just a faint idea of what the Creator of all has taken on in giving of His Divinity to others. In physical life you give of your body to create another; God not only created flesh but gave that which is of Himself into the possession of everything that has life, and so, of necessity, and because He is in everything, He must suffer with them too.

Try and help in regard to this. Do not give up your individuality or independence in any way whatsoever, but just as you would tell your greatest friend of your trouble, knowing that he or she would sympathise and understand, take your sorrows to God! That being done, no barrier is high enough or strong enough to keep Him out. Just that, and that is what is so hard, because over and over again it seems that that Greatest Friend of all is the One who strikes and not protects. That is another sorrow of the Lord.

The prospect of a new year does not conjure up in the minds of God’s children a very pleasant prospect; it is altogether too dangerous to hope for better things. Far better to go every day expecting nothing and only thankful that it has produced no fresh disaster!

But knowing the Sprits as you do, you would not expect them to allow this to pass unchallenged. They strive for nothing but better times, higher hopes, and happier days all round for you! Do not be resigned to sorrow! God wants His children to be happy, so why resign yourself to what is not going to take place?

Now, for the time being, you have got things straight between you and God once more. Be united again in love and understanding. You must promise every minute that you will try and do better and better still. How then could you look forward to the New Year with apprehension? God's Will will be carried out; for the Christ is stronger than the untold armies of the evil! God’s children will not fail Him; they will not give up but go on, even though the heart may ache, and even though the physical will may rebel. God’s children will not fail. In working together, and in time to come, all your enemies shall disappear over the horizon.

What you have to do is not only promise and agree but bring out all your resolutions and all your resources of spiritual strength; which have been built up during the years of communion with the Spirits. Draw upon that strength in the days to come and separate yourself from the irritation and trials of daily life. If you could do this you would enhance your power beyond all telling. For your own sake, not only for God’s sake and for the sake of the Christ, but for your own spiritual sake free yourself from sadness! Keep your eyes above, and if you do that the Spirits will protect your feet which, of necessity, are upon the earth. There is no need when journeying to God to look down to see that your steps are safe; that is a temptation of the evil. Look up, certain that God and His angels can tell you and guide you where to tread.

This is of such importance that it cannot be emphasised too strongly. Let your light so shine before mankind that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven! On the horizon lies the fulfilment of the promises. Each time your eyes fall to the darkness and the dust of earthly life, so do you miss the beauty there, and so do the Spirits have to use most precious strength to restore the energy lost. Is it not reasonable, is it not common-sense, that each time the body and the physical mind so suffers that energy first has to be made good before the journey can be continued. It sounds so clear and so sensible when the Spirits are with you, and you wonder how you can make so many mistakes. Then the test comes, and God and the Christ seem far away; and the contending forces surge in on either side.

If the Spirits did not understand what this means then they would not be allowed to act as your guide and companion. They would never have come into your life in this way. Therefore, beware, the anguish is too much, too much for you, and much too much for those free from the flesh. Start upon your journey and when the enemy approaches hold tighter still and do not be deceived that the enemy is the one you thought to be your friend. That's where the weakness lies Love is there and trust longs to be there as well, but the evil throws a cloak over both, and the cloak is mistaken for the individual, that's how sorrow comes. What happens in a small way with the Spirits takes place all over the world in a much bigger way in regard to mankind and God. The evil, throwing the cloak in front, blocks out the time, the face and the figure of the Crucified. Hold fast to the thought of God as your stay and your support, as that Rock which never gives and as that Love which never fails!

Lift up your heart and then rejoice because God is near, because God is with you and in every truth. Where the Saviour stands doubt and depression and lack of faith depart and are no more. With the Christ in your heart and mind all is well, and all shall be well. In God's Hands you are safe indeed; only allow yourself to be gathered in. That is what the evil is out to prevent. Be on your guard and know that the Christ is here; here with you, in you, of you and you of Him. That represents the Fatherhood of God and His relation to His children.


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