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The Mystery of Sacrifice

The Christ is calling for volunteers. Those with the warrior spirit are wanted so that they can demonstrate their belief in the Christ Consciousness and so assist in bringing about a change in the conditions upon the earth.

The Christ knows every one of you. Out of the past, out of the disappointments and the temptations preparation has been made which is essential for the work that lies ahead. That which you have is good in part. That which you shall seek to do shall be good in three parts. When you are free from the physical body that which the past has contained – sorrows and sacrifices – will seem good to you and joy shall fill your being.

Those in the world who desire to cheat themselves and others with regard to the truth – as the truth really is – do not take the hard road. They gather to themselves the things of the earth; they pander to the body and the feed their mind with that which has no life beyond this plane of consciousness. What do they know concerning the mystery of sacrifice and the miracle that it brings about!

Around you all, in your surroundings and environment are those chained by the past living in stages and conditions long before the earth began to play its part in the great and grand purpose of God. Many people upon the earth, though they present so fair a face to others, are as souls in prison. Yet for the most part they lead and direct the thoughts of the world. There are few who hold up the beauty of sacrifice and still less a number who will put into action that which they reach to the workers – those who are not in a position to retaliate. The road of sacrifice comes as a matter of course to the humble. The worldly wise, the spiritually foolish – they thank their God that through their own intelligence they have done better for themselves.

You already know that this is true. There are many who have made a god of self. The Christ – who went before to show the way into Life eternal is spurned. Perhaps not outwardly, for these sentiments are held by the conventions of the day, but certainly inwardly – the Christ is denied again and again.

Who, throughout spiritual history have been the Light Bringers of the world? They are those who had the strength and the wisdom to sacrifice the things of the earth and cleave to those things which are of God. Having the discernment to deny the lesser self they allowed the God within to have the freedom for which it yearns. Those who are wise in their own conceit argue that the prophets and teachers of old were essential for humanity because it had not evolved as it has today. They read unmoved about the ‘so called’ ignorant ones of the past: How they listened to the voice of the soul within and obeyed; though their hearts were breaking and though fear filled them – yet they fulfilled God’s sacred instructions. Held by the thoughts of the earth the critics gloated because someone blundered, someone faltered, but traitors and deceivers surrounded even Moses. All the time the insistent call surrounding them to rise and cast off their chains and to face self-revelation is overlooked.

You seek the Light. Some have faltered. Some have hesitated as to the direction into which the Light of God shall shine. Have no fear. Even as you hesitate, when the heart and mind are ppure and the desire within is for the best, then in the darkest moment, when the enemy seems to be so close, the light shines from the Christ and all is well. Your journey of time has gone on over time incomprehensible to you and eternity again incomprehensible lies before you. At this point – where do you stand? Your journey of experience has gone on over time incomprehensible to you and eternity, again incomprehensible, lies in front of you. At this point where do you stand? Perhaps you think you fail because your courage seems to disappear when you are put to the test! Even this attitude of mind is part of the mystery of sacrifice. It is indeed something that indicates the past. Soul consciousness and the spirit vision that reaches out and grasps something concerning the truth of God has come within your realization.

Today you have, as part of your awareness, an indication that in the stage prior to physical life you struggled and suffered. Yet bound, perhaps unconsciously, you unravelled one small portion of the mystery of sacrifice. Today you are reaping that which you sowed in the past.

Think of the lonely life of the Master, the toil and distress and the enemies that surrounded Him. Try to realise that from the child, the Boy and the Man others are able to unravel that which is the mystery of sacrifice and the miracle it has the power to put into being for all time. God as Man came to earth, bound Himself by His own laws, was subject to others. Yet as the years went on so through sacrifice that which was wisdom was uncovered; that which was truth was given out to the world – that did not believe it. In the measure that you have suffered and denied yourself, then you have drawn to you something of Divine wisdom.

Do not forget that when man was created, perfect even as His God, within man was the gift of sacrifice. Throughout the stages of evolution the gift was covered over and now the children of God seek to open that which they once bound.

What does sacrifice mean in earthly terms? Man shrinks from sacrifice and evades it if he possibly can. Sacrifice, in the language of God, is something to fight for. Through sacrifice man can return to that perfection in which he was created. Only by sacrifice can the gifts of the spirit be purchased for those gifts are spiritual. Only by sacrifice can this world and the conditions and states in bondage be redeemed. Stated plainly in the sacred record there is that which comes from sacrifice. Perhaps you think that the call today is different – conditions do not provide that which the past demanded. Know this – today as never before comes the call for sacrifice. Over this earth a revelation is coming, the power of holy spirit, to cleanse, to rouse and to reinstate. In that time those who shirked that which was sacrifice, those who turned from self-denial, will be the enemies of the Most High.

This earth must go through its own crucifixion. Until an individual, until a nation, has arrived at a certain stage of development, crucifixion cannot take place. Think of the life of the Master: The years of service and toil: Passing among people, teaching raising the dead, healing and heartening. Then after the service, the thoughts and prayers and the so precious love – came the crucifixion. You may believe that this was caused from the evil in man’s heart. But the crucifixion of the individual, the crucifixion of a nation or even of the world comes from the evil in man’s own heart.

Do not fix your mind on the agony of the cross. The cross is a gift beyond the comprehension of many people at this time. Out of the cross comes resurrection and out of resurrection the unravelling of the mystery of sacrifice. For when the individual looks into the eyes of the Christ, the past is as nothing. Some of you have taken the hard road and others will take the hard road for the sake of the One who loves you best. There is great joy within the spirit realms when many find the strength within to take the mountainside for the sake of the God within.

The earth life is as a second time to the Father and Mother God. In that second so the great Father and Mother God registers the anguish of His creation. Unfolded for you them is something of the mystery of sacrifice. The life of the Christ upon the earth is but a symbol, a fragment of the sufferings of our Father, Mother God.

The birth of any child entails anguish. Attaining the fullness of years brings to the individual painful experiences. In the suffering of the mother and of the individual so the Christ in God bears the treble part, inconceivable to the mind of man, by the mercy of the Lord God of all.

Impress upon your mind that you are a child of the Most High and that you must return to that perfection from which you started on the long journey of experience. The pains of today are an indication, fragile though that might be, of your inheritance. You suffer yourself and you suffer over those whom you love. It is the God within struggling, fighting for expression. Out of your release you are seeking to follow the path laid down and to bring back to you that same privilege of suffering for others that God provides. Thus you come a little closer to that which underlies the mystery of sacrifice.

Sacrifice to those of the earth means sorrow and loss and something that tears at the heart. To those in the Spirit realm it means gain and joy and freedom. For out of the pain that God, in His mercy, allows to be endured, nearer comes the time when once again in God’s image shall be demonstrated the miracle of Divine Love and understanding.

Today the message of the Christ must be delivered. The power has come through suffering and self-denial and through that which others have contributed out of their hearts and out of their physical effort. The power has come and the cleansing of the world shall not be long delayed. There will be those who are willing to suffer for others. Some shall indeed take up one tiny portion of the cloak of the Christ and such as these shall pass into a peace that no man can name.

Holiness is all around. The spirit of God is coming upon the children of the earth and they shall rise. No longer shall the old men dream dreams, but out of the visions passed on through the young so the old, fettered by conventional thought, shall re-learn their lessons. Creams shall have no place in their life for the call has come and their work shall be for the Christ.

Have no fear as to what your life shall hold, whether it is sorrow or trouble. You now see these things in their proper interpretation. They have been masked for far too long. The time has come when joy shall seize your being for you have been given a greater insight. Wisdom, that is not of the earth mind, nor of the earth body. But wisdom from that greater self within will be released and you shall carry your cross. By your fire, by your example and by your courage, thousands upon the earth and in those conditions where half-light holds the bewildered minds, shall arise and clasping the cross pass out of death into light and sweetness and peace. Sweet are the uses of adversity. To all those who experience smooth, untroubled lives it is imperative to understand that the next stage represents decay.

As you endeavour to sacrifice, to think of others and not yourselves, stage by stage the mystery shall be explained. Instead of the dark cloud that obscures the light of god, instead of the rain or sorrow and the iciness of grief, slowly you shall emerge out of things that only seem to be into Reality. The cloud shall then assume a rosy hue and in time the smile of the Christ shall be within your own consciousness. Behind the mystery of sacrifice is that which is Holy indeed.

You pass out of limitation into that which is less limited; into a sense of freedom. Again answering the call, you strive until at last you are free from the past and free from self, ready to receive the blessing of the Saviour and in His tenderness you receive your full compensation. Gather this truth for you are called to give out the message of the Christ in the same way as the Master, not as those who shrink from the cross. Do not be afraid – give out the message.

Give out the truth that the way to peace, the way into knowledge, the way into wisdom, is the way that the Master followed Himself. Still the call comes and still the call is ignored. Never-the-less, the power of Holy spirit shall bring mankind to their knees and out of that which comes to pass the real self shall be sufficiently released to answer the call- to follow and not to evade.

The love of God in its highest form, the understanding Mind of God ministers to human longing. He directs the emotions into channels that shall bring peace instead of destruction. Remember that the Master passed on that message that has rung down the ages; “Love one another”. Still the children of the earth have regarded love s something that they should have. How few look at love, as it really is, something to give. In time the enemy will come and those who are banded together for this sacred work for God will feel the enemy and hear the enemy beating upon the gates of their consciousness. In that time remember the command of the Master – to love one another. If you hold fast to that love within you then the protection is complete.

Think again of the Master and the miracle of sacrifice. What is sacrifice but love and what is love but love! Let illumination scatter the shadows. Do not let the view of the world bind you but turn to the command of the Lord God of All – “Love one another.” Give and it shall be given to you one hundredfold in return. BUT – First – you must give. As the love within is released from its prison house, as the love is purified and refined then the sacrifice no longer will be named a mystery. It will be a revelation in its highest form; revelation as to the past, the present and to the future. The cross will be seen as a light transfiguring all the darkness banishing the gloom. Love triumphant over death, hate and ignorance.

The peace of the Holy spirit is forever with you. Turn your eyes to the Saviour and see the radiance of His smile. Grief has no meaning, sorrow has no sting before the smile of the Master. Kneeling in spirit before the Master, He gives of Himself because He is LOVE.

Say to Him, “Master take my gift and teach me how to do better.” The Master answers:

“You are My beloved; arise and claim your gifts”.


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